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Tommy Hilfiger Model - Modern Chronograph

Tommy Hilfiger Model - Modern Chronograph

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✅ *An eye-catching steel round dial makes this men's analog watch from Tommy Hilfiger a great inclusion to your watch collection 

# Tommy Hilfiger
# For Men
# 7AA Premium Collection
# Model - Modern Chronograph
# Weight - 152gms
# Dial Size - 43mm
# Features following -

-Working 12 Hour Analog
- All Working Chronograph
- Date Counter
-Stainless Steel Silver Case
-Silver Smart fit adjustable strap
-White Face Sporty Look Dial
- *100% Quality quartz Chronograph Engine* ❤
- IGP Colour coating with no fading and rusting.

➡️ *Fresh piece packed in Tommy Hilfiger Brand Name Box*
➡️ *1 Year Sellers Warranty for machinery.*
➡️ *Same Day Shipping*
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